Sphido Configuration

Sphido CMS using fastest config ever - pure PHP arrays/objects - see config.php in the public directory:

/** @author Roman Ozana <ozana@omdesign.cz> */
return [
    'title' => 'Sphido CMS',
    'cache' => realpath(__DIR__ . '/../cache/'),
    'content' => realpath(__DIR__ . '/pages'),
    'meta' => [
        'author' => 'All: Roman Ozana; e-mail: ozana@omdesign.cz',
        'template' => realpath(__DIR__ . '/layout.latte')

Accessing config values

All values are accessible via /app/config() function e.g. {=/app/config()->title} will be replaced by value of title: Sphido CMS

Change config values in runtime

You can overwrite something in config from functions.php like follow:

namespace {
    /app/config()->title = 'Sphido';
    /app/config()->myvariable = 'Speed is the core';
    /app/config()->example = 'example';

Values from config.php will be replaced with new one in runtime.